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Are you in primary school or juniors? UP for Juniors is here to help you find out what it is like to go to university.

You can click the links at the top of the page or the buttons below to play games, do activities, download fun activity sheets, read our news and enter our competition.

We have online and downloadable things for you to do on our activities page. You can find out more about our UP for Juniors Students, take a poll, play a crossword or do a wordsearch.

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Do you have questions you would like to ask about university?

Would you like to find out more about our UP for Juniors’ Students?

Now you can on our Activity pages.

You can ask our students anything you would like to know and they will post an answer on the Interview a Student page.

There are lots of games on the UP for Juniors website for you to play. Click below to play.

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UP for Juniors is run by the University of Portsmouth (UP stands for University of Portsmouth). If you are aged 9-11 and live in or near Portsmouth you might have already met us in your school or at the University.

You might think that you would like to go to university. You might not be sure. You might not have thought about it. The UP for Juniors website is here to help you find out more.

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