Meet the team

Nikki and Lucy run the UP for Juniors scheme at the University of Portsmouth.

If your school is a member of UP for Juniors you might have seen us on a visit to your school when you were in Year 5. If you are in Year 6 and have been to the University you may have met us then.


We run lots of activities for Year 5 and 6 so they can learn all about university. We also try to help children think about what they want to be when they are an adult.

Nikki studied for her degree in London, she studied Drama and Theatre studies with English Literature. She also went to drama school.

Nikki says ‘I really enjoyed being at university and learning all about a subject that I love. When I was a child I liked acting and being in front of people. At university I was able to learn all about drama and did lots of projects that involved creating performances. Now I work for UP for Juniors. It is great fun and I do a job where I get to be in front of lots of people!’


Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors are University of Portsmouth students. When they aren’t in their lessons they come and help with Year 5 and 6 activities. You can meet them on a visit from us in your school or if you come to visit the University.








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