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If you are visiting these pages it may be that your 9-11 year old has received a visit from UP for Juniors or perhaps you are just looking for information.


We know as parents it may seem early to start thinking about university. Research has shown that children who find out about university before the age of ten are more likely to consider going. Finding out about university means that when the time comes young people can make informed decisions about their future.

UP for Juniors visits 32 schools in the Portsmouth area to deliver fun, activity sessions to Year 5 on university, what it is, what students do there and why people go. We also invite Year 6 groups into the University of Portsmouth.

We believe that children should enjoy being children and shouldn’t feel lots of pressure to make decisions about their future. However, from our visits we also find that some children have very clear ideas of what they love and aspire too, others have very little knowledge of what is out there or even what their parents do.

We aim to help the children explore what is out there and what going to university could mean for their future. We hope you have the opportunity too to chat to your child about their hopes for the future, about what you do and the choices you made. 

Funding University

We know that money tends to be the one of the biggest issues surrounding attending university. We hear Year 5 children telling us that they wouldn’t want to go to university because they are worried that their family couldn’t afford it.

In the current system, parents don’t pay for their children to go to university and finance shouldn’t stop anyone from going to university if they want to. There are also new routes to getting a degree such as degree apprenticeships where there are no tuition fees.

As parents, it might not just be the children who are interested in university. Over 25% of our students are ‘mature students’, which means age 21 or over. You may even get help with your childcare costs. It is never too late and lots of information about going to university can be found on the main University website.


If you would like to watch more videos about university, the University hosts a number of videos about student life on You Tube and on the main University website www.port.ac.uk

The Southern Universities Network (SUN), of which the University of Portsmouth is a member, has lots of information and videos for parents and carers about going to university www.sunoutreach.org