Aimee’s Blog


Aimee is a new UP for It Juniors student character for 2014/15. She has been blogging since the second week in September about starting at university.

Aimee is accompanied on her blog by the variety friends that she has made at university and has at home.

The blog aims to introduce children to what life is like at university and to use the themes of Aimee’s Blog to aid their own thoughts and development.

Activity sheets for KS2 to go alongside the blog are being produced regularly. These sheets can be used in a PSHE context to aid class discussion or independently as a reward or filler. They are designed blog style.

Currently the blog is being updated on a weekly basis. It can be used weekly or in a block at any time of the year. There is the opportunity for children to ask Aimee questions or give her advice by writing in the comments box on her blog page.


Activity Sheets

The majority of the activities on the sheets can be used without needing access to the blog.

Activity Sheet 1 – New Beginnings

Links to blog post one. The activities cover starting a new term, changes to class, worries about the new term and what makes you feel better when you are worried and scared.

Sheet 1 BW

Sheet 1 Colour


Activity Sheet 2 – New Friends, New Places

Linked to blog post three this covers the theme of friends. How do you make friends, what makes a good friend, who are your friends?

Sheet 2 BW

Sheet 2 Colour


Activity Sheet 3 – Map-matics

Linked to blog post five. Finding your way around places. What do you do if you get lost, how do you stay safe?

Sheet 3 BW

Sheet 3 Colour


Activity Sheet 4 – Decisions, Decisions

Linked to blog post six. Time management. What do you do in your free time? How do you manage your homework time and free time?

Sheet 4 BW

Sheet 4 Colour


Activity Sheet 5 – Shay’s Blog

Linked to blog post eight. Internet safety. How do you stay safe online? How do you keep your personal details safe? Creating a strong password.

Sheet 5 BW

Sheet 5 Colour


If you have any ideas on what you would like Aimee to focus on in her blog or themes for activity sheets please do contact us.