UP for Jobs and Careers


UP for Jobs and Careers is a session of interactive activities aimed at Keystage 2, Year 5 and 6. They could also be adapted for Year 7.

The session aims to raise aspirations and help the children to consider how many jobs are out there and how they could relate to the subjects and activities they are interested in. It examines the fact that some people have one career but many people do several different jobs throughout their lives. It enables them to think about how many of the subjects they study are used on a daily basis by people in a variety of jobs. It offers the opportunity to address the popular belief that anyone can be famous or a celebrity in the future.

The session can be conducted in the classroom with or without the Powerpoint presentation, working in small groups. It can also be used workshop style (at UP for It Juniors we have run a session for up to seventy children) in a larger space.

The materials for the session can be downloaded, some of them can also be used on Powerpoint instead of printing resources.

Jobs and Careers Lesson Plan
Jobs and Careers Presentation (optional)
Careers Street (optional)
Category Cards (optional)
Subject Cards
Job Cards
Careers Postcard (optional)