Please find information below on Member and Non-member school visits


Member School Visits

We have 32 member schools local to the Portsmouth area.

If your school is a member school you will have an UP for Juniors contact at your school who will confirm the dates for your visits with us.

Your school will receive a visit for Year 5 in school and a visit for Year 6 to the University of Portsmouth.


Year 5

Find out about our visit to your Year 5. Preparation includes a lesson to do before the visit. There is also information on what we need in order for the visit to take place.


Year 6

Find out about your Year 6 University Experience Day at the University of Portsmouth. The visits take place in the Summer Term. Information on what you need to do and bring can be found on this page.


Non-member School Visits

Discovery Day

If your school is local to the Portsmouth area but not a member school you can still bring a small group of Year 6 to our Discovery Day. This day is identical to our Year 6 University Experience Day but is offered out to lots of school bringing small groups rather than their whole Year 6.